Justin and Shari Darney with children Eliza and Oskar.
Justin and Shari Darney with children Eliza and Oskar.

Police officer’s search for help after devastating diagnosis

A young police officer is in the fight of his life after receiving the heartbreaking diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer just days after his 39th birthday.

Justin Darney and his wife Shari Darney have been on a desperate hunt for treatment options ever since.

It started with a pain in his abdomen and eventually led to him shedding more than 10 kilograms and becoming increasingly lethargic.

Then his eyes started to turn yellow on his birthday back in May. After a series of tests, doctors delivered the difficult news.

“I met him at the GP and we walked in together and he sat us down and said “I’m so sorry you’ve got pancreatic cancer and it’s metastasised,” Shari said.

More heartbreaking news was to follow when Justin met with a team of surgeons.

“There were a couple of surgeons that night, that unfortunately told me that they couldn’t operate on me and if they had to put a number on it they were thinking somewhere around the 2 months mark left to live.”

Justin was told he has a rare type of cancer known as high grade neuroendocrine carcinoma of the pancreas that has also spread to his liver.

“From a person that wasn’t a heavy drinker or tried to do the best I could with diet, it was a shock for them to tell me how behind the Eight ball I was,” he said,

Shari is hopeful there could be other treatment paths to explore.

Justin has been using Biohawk products throughout his treatment.

“Moving forward, it’s so hard, we’re explained that this is really rare,” she said.

“It’s primarily based on a gene mutation. The oncologist is saying it is terminal, it is non curative, and he can’t give us a time frame.

“But I don’t want to hear that. I have hope and I do believe that miracles do happen.”

A family friend has set up a go-fund me page which has already raised more than $20,000 to help should the family need to pursue costly alternatives.

“One of the next steps might perhaps be immunotherapy, it’s all a bit grey area,” Shari said.

“I never want to be at a point where didn’t have options available to us because the cancer is so rare.

“I want to be able to do whatever we can to help him. We’ve also been very fortunate to have all the support that we have.”

To donate via the family’s Go Fund Me page, click here.