Jemma Rose Walters.
Jemma Rose Walters.

Young woman's violent and bloody assault on police officer

A YOUNG woman will undergo 100-hours of unpaid community service after she struck a Roma police officer in the face causing his nose to bleed and glasses to break.

Jemma Rose Walters fronted the Roma Magistrates Court on October 28 where she pleaded guilty to one count of committing public nuisance, obstructing a police officer and serious assault of a police officer.

The court heard, Walters was at the Roma Hospital about 10pm on July 31 with her brother after he fell off a step.

A short time later, the mother arrived and Walters told hospital staff there was tension between her and her mother.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting said while the brother was getting an x-ray, the defendant and mother had a verbal argument.

"She (Walters) was told to leave the hospital by police and she began to yell at hospital staff and through the entire emergency department," sergeant Whiting said.

"She was banging on the door with great force, moved outside and continued to yell and swear.

"As police attempted to move her away, the defendant struck sergeant Jacobs to the face with her right hand, causing his glasses to cut his nose leaving him with a laceration that began bleeding.

"The glasses were also broken at the time.

"The defendant informed that she would be placed under arrest, and while attempting to apprehend her, she struck violently against police.

"She was transitioned to the ground, police told her repeatedly to move arms behind her back, she restrained by police and handcuffed."

The 20-year-old's solicitor, L Carter said there was some background behind why her client acted the way she did.

"With respect to the charges, my client acknowledges it was completely unacceptable and out of character," Ms Carter said.

"On the night, she was at her mum's house and consumed about six strong ciders in about four-five hours.

"Following an argument with her stepfather, her brother disclosed some mental health issues.

"The brother stood up from where he was sitting and fallen off the top step and hit concrete and my client called the ambulance.

"While at the hospital she wanted to comfort her brother and had raised her voice at her mother."

The court heard, Walters has a number of previous matters on her criminal history but they're not similar offences.

As the defendant was crying, Ms Carter told the court her client is genuinely remorseful and embarrassed by her actions and has been voluntarily attending mental health programs.

Magistrate Peter Saggers said he understood the defendant was upset with the situation.

"You're being charged with offending against police that came to the hospital, trying to assist a situation which had gotten out of hand," he said.

"I know you were upset with things that had happened.

"I think police would have preferred to have been somewhere else."

Walters will undergo 100 hours of unpaid community service and the conviction was not recorded.