Did this truckie fail to keep safe distance?

Police label cyclists 'cockroaches' sparking online row

A QUEENSLAND police officer has likened cyclists to "cockroaches" in an online row involving the state's top cop.

The war of words erupted after Victorian-based advocacy group Cycle.org.au posted comments on its Facebook page about a truck driver's breach of Queensland's one-metre passing laws.

Cycle.org.au president Edward Hore has claimed five Queensland police officers responded with comments criticising cyclists.

"Riding bikes on the road is not a 'right', it's stupid," one officer allegedly wrote.

A Senior Sergeant also allegedly wrote: "Cockroaches on wheels. Should have to pay rego, insurance and adhere to road rules and single file only."

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Warwick Fribance was fined for driving too close to a cyclist. Photo: Nicola Brander / Sunshine Coast Daily
Warwick Fribance was fined for driving too close to a cyclist. Photo: Nicola Brander / Sunshine Coast Daily Nicola Brander

Last month, the Sunshine Coast Daily reported how a cyclist's camera and 22cm have brought an end to a Maroochydore truck driver's 40-year career.

Warwick Fribance has decided to give truck driving away after he was charged with failing to keep a safe distance from a cyclist.

His lawyer described the charge as ridiculous and the magistrate regarded it as a "technical matter" when Mr Fribance appeared before Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday.

The court heard the cyclist had not been endangered by Mr Fribance's truck on Parsons Rd at Forest Glen on July 7, but it passed closer than the legal minimum distance.

The 67-year-old was charged after the cyclist made an online complaint to police which was supported by footage from a helmet-mounted camera.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Leonie Scott told the court that investigating police later measured the road lane at 3.7m and Mr Fribance's truck at 2.43m.



RACQ says more education needed 

In April, the RACQ released a "get the facts" online campaign about the new cycling overtaking laws to educate motorists, amid concerns that the State Government hasn't adequately informed road users about their responsibilities.

Motorists can be fined for failing to keep at least a one-metre passing margin in 60kmh zones and at least 1.5 metres clearance at higher speeds.

"We have expressed our views, along with Bicycle Queensland and the Queensland Police themselves, about the practicalities of enforcing the new laws," RACQ executive manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said.

"We've always been of the view that the one metre passing rule should be used as an educational tool and not a law.