Police warning to Redbank and Goodna residents

UPDATE: Ipswich Police are warning Redbank and Goodna residents that unlocked vehicles are being targeted.

Police suggest locking and securing your car no matte where you are.

Some things you can do to reduce the risk of having your car stolen or broken into are:

  •  Always locking your vehicle, including the boot and windows
  • Remove all valuables and personal documents when leaving your car unattended
  • Where possible use off street parking or secure parking
  • Don't hide spare house keys or car keys in your vehicle
  • Never leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition
  • Take your keys with you if you're going out, even if your leaving your car at home
  • Don't leave car keys lying around on the tables, benches or key hooks - keep them out of sight
  • When parking in a garage, lock the garage and lock the car, ensure garage remotes are secure
  • Ensure you lock all doors and windows of your home.

Police say by following a few simple steps to safeguard your keys at home you can greatly reduce the risk of your car being stolen.

"Your stolen vehicle is not just a costly problem for you, it's a costly problem for the community.  Stolen vehicles can be used to commit further offences within the community," a police spokesperson said.

"Most car thefts are opportunistic; however, thieves do target homes to steal car keys, so remember lock and secure your house and car every time."

EARLIER: RESIDENTS in an Augustine Heights street have been targeted by car thieves.

Police say they are investigating the six break ins which all occurred on Burns Circuit in Augustine Heights overnight on October 23-24.

Personal items were stolen from some vehicles including a wallet.

On the same night a a black Rav4 was also stolen from a driveway in Bellbird Park around 3.20am.

Augustine Heights Neighbourhood Watch President Christopher Trace said all the cars broken into were parked in driveways late at night.

"The spate of break ins were conducted on the one night," Mr Trace said.

"Which is normally indicative of a coordinated effort."

He said Augustine Heights had been very quiet for some time until the recent break ins.

"Sadly there's not much you can do if there's a concerted effort."

But he said there were easy ways to deter thieves.

He said not to leave things in your car, not to leave windows down and lock up.

Mr Trace also suggested putting your car away in a garage and installing sensor lighting or if you could afford it, video surveillance.

If your car doesn't already have it, he said, install a small car alarm.

Mr Trace said leaving valuable items in your car overnight only invited thieves.

"Make sure you take your valuables out at night.

"Why would you leave your purse in the car overnight?

"Get to know your neighbours and be aware of their movements.

"If you see someone breaking in call Triple 0."

  • If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers,on  1800 333 000.