LASHING OUT: A man pleaded guilty to a number of charges after police were called to a property.
LASHING OUT: A man pleaded guilty to a number of charges after police were called to a property.

Police force entry into rural shed, discover meth, weed

WHEN police were called to assist paramedics at a property in Lockrose, they discovered a 44-year-old man had locked himself in a shed.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor told Gatton Magistrates Court police and paramedics forced entry to the shed on November 2 last year, about 10am, by crawling under a roller door.

"They observed (Andrew Rofe) to be lying on his back on a lounge chair," Sgt Windsor said.

"And certain drug paraphernalia were located in the vicinity."

Police found a small clipseal bag of "remnants" of meth weighing 2.54 grams, a small bowl of marijuana, a water pipe, a bowl and syringes and needles.

The court heard Rofe had become "combative and aggressive" when police tried to stand him up to help paramedics.

"He has kicked out at (an officer) … he kicked (another officer) in the abdomen causing her to go backwards into a table … and he has used his fingernails to dig into the arms of (a third officer)," Sgt Windsor said.
"(The officer) realised he was bleeding from the scratches on his left forearm."

Rofe appeared in Gatton Magistrates Court on nine charges, including drug possession, utensils possession, assaulting police officers and contravening a police protection order.

Rofe's lawyer told Magistrate Kay Ryan that Rofe had been introduced to meth less than a year ago.

Ms Ryan told Rofe he had a good record until he became involved in drugs.

"I can see that up until last year, you've led a blameless life, not giving too much bother to the authorities," Ms Ryan said.

"I can tell you now, the last day I was at work, I was dealing with people who were addicted to ice all day - they were all in custody - in jail - because of an addiction to ice and what happens when you become addicted."

His lawyer told Ms Ryan that Rofe had made an effort to stay away from drugs after he was involved in a serious car accident in May, 2019.

Ms Ryan encouraged him on his effort to stay away from drugs.

"I hear since you've had your accident and injury, you've managed to keep yourself away from the drugs," she said.

"They are a curse and a scourge and something that can be quite difficult to stay away from in the community."

Rofe pleaded guilty to all charges and was served a 12-month term of probation.

His conviction was recorded.