Police dog bite puts man in hospital

A FORLORN prisoner limped into an Ipswich courtroom with his right leg wrapped in a white bandage, and both feet clad in what looked to be medical pressure socks.

Gladstone Ama had just been released from hospital after surgery, as a result of injuries he suffered when bitten by a police dog, the Ipswich court heard.

The nasty wounds were inflicted on his backside and legs when he tried to run from police.

Seated in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court, 23-year-old Ama, from Ripley, made a failed bail application before Magistrate David Shepherd.

Ama was charged with assaulting a police officer at Goodna on March 17; two counts of obstructing police; three counts of driving when unlicensed; possession of dangerous drugs; unlawful possession of suspected stolen property; failing to appear at court; and breach of bail conditions.

Prior to Ama's arrival at court on Thursday afternoon, police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell told Mr Shepherd on Tuesday that Ama had been bitten by a police dog and was awaiting surgery.

On Thursday, prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton told the court that after Ama failed to attend court on April 10 a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police found Ama on Monday this week.

Defence lawyer Kelsea Read said Ama pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to attend court. He was convicted and fined $500.

The court heard Ama was likely to face a charge of armed robbery that would go to the District Court for trial.

Mr Shepherd said Ama's prior history made it unlikely that he would comply with bail conditions, and bail was refused.

The matters return to court on June 18.