Police claim Nomads associate caught with gun from Gatton

POLICE allege they have caught a known associate of the Nomads bikie gang with two handguns, two shotguns, a knife, steroids and 4.5kg of a white powdery substance.

Police allege about 8.20am this morning a car was stopped on Paddingtion Drive, in Carrara on the Gold Coast and that an initial search revealed ammuntion  and steroids.

The car was then seized and taken to a police holding facility where it will be alleged that during a further examination of the car a handgun was found concealed in a door panel. Further examination of the car also located two shotguns, a stolen rifle and a knife as well as a large quantity of drugs, including 4.5 kg of a white powdery substance secreted in pillow cases.

Detectives from Taskforce Maxima have charged the 24-year-old Burleigh Waters man with five counts of unlawful possession of weapons and one count each of burglary, unlawful possession of a magazine for weapons, possessing dangerous drugs, possessing a restricted drug, receiving tainted property, possessing tainted property, possessing relevant substance or things and carry/place dangerous goods in a vehicle and fail to obtain authority required to possess explosive.

The man will appear at Southport Magistrates Court today, 

"Yesterday's arrest is a fantastic result for the Queensland community, four more firearms and a large stash of drugs have been removed from streets and will no longer pose a threat to public safety." Detective Inspector Phillip Stevens said.

Steven's colleague, Detective Supt Niland said one of the firearms seized was allegedly linked to an earlier incident in Gatton the year before, 

said "One of these firearms was allegedly stolen during a burglary at Gatton last November. Obviously, firearm thefts are a concern for Police and the community as we know some of these firearms are ending up in the hands of organised crime and used for criminal purposes," he said.