Queensland police are being attacked and taunted at stations around the state.
Queensland police are being attacked and taunted at stations around the state.

Not even police stations are safe

COPS are being attacked and taunted at police stations around the state - even in their own homes - prompting an urgent call for an audit of security at all Queensland police facilities.

It follows a spate of ugly incidents involving dozens of police officers during the past 18 months, including the attempted murder of off-duty Deception Bay officer Senior-Constable Aiden Lambert, who was stabbed at his own property on Saturday.

A series of police reports, released by the service, shows offenders, including children, are breaking into police stations and threatening and attacking officers up to five times a month.

In some instances, officers who live in police housing are being woken during the night to deal with criminals on their doorstep.

The Queensland Police Union has requested an audit into the security of police stations around the state, amid fears the situation will worsen.

Police attempt to subdue an attacker in one of many such incidents across the state.
Police attempt to subdue an attacker in one of many such incidents across the state.

The detailed reports reveal 24 serious breaches at police stations during the 12 months to August this year, five of them in January alone.

Footage obtained by The Courier-Mail shows an incident in the Brunswick Street Mall in Fortitude Valley in March last year, in which a violent offender baited police metres from the Police Beat premises.

During the arrest, he bit one officer's finger, causing a serious puncture wound.

At 9.45pm on March 22 this year, a man followed an officer into the car park of the Mackay station, before telling the officer "go and get your boss or I'll hurt you".

The officer was able to call for backup, but the offender threatened the officers, telling them he would force them to shoot him dead.

At 2am on August 24, last year, a man banged on the door of an off-duty officer living in the police house attached to Mundubbera Police Station, 180km west of Maryborough.

The officer answered to find the man sitting on the bonnet of the police car and refusing to leave. The offender had snapped off the windscreen wiper and a violent struggle ensued before he was arrested.

Other alarming incidents include a group of children who cut a hole in the wire fence around Edmonton station, near Cairns, in March, and stole two motorcycles.

An offender found with a 15cm knife in his car outside Hervey Bay police station tried to fly-kick an officer.

The reports come almost two years after the shooting murder of police employee Curtis Cheng outside NSW police headquarters.

Police union president Ian Leavers said security at police properties had long been a concern.

"A full audit of security at police stations, establishments and work units right across Queensland is needed and now with the raised threat levels, police service management needs to be aware that police are at the frontline of all threats that may occur," he said.

"All police deserve to feel safe at their place of work and that means we need to start with the basics and provide a secure premises for them to work from."

A Queensland Police Service statement said facility security was an ongoing priority, but did not comment on an audit.