Police arrest five people in Ooralea in August following an alleged robbery.
Police arrest five people in Ooralea in August following an alleged robbery. Emily Smith

Police allege Lone Wolf bikie debt behind Ooralea robbery

POLICE believe a $20,000 debt and unreturned bikie club patches were behind an alleged raid on a Mackay family's house in August that led to the arrest of four men police allege are Lone Wolf bikie gang members.

Prosecution documents lodged at a bail hearing said four men and a woman flew from Sydney to Mackay in August to confront a man who left the Lone Wolf motorcycle gang and moved to Mackay for a fresh start last year.

In documents tendered to Brisbane Supreme Court last month, the prosecution said the gang went to the Mackay man's house with a removalist truck and claimed the man owed them $20,000 for leaving. The gang also allegedly demanded the man return his "colours”.

The man was at work when they arrived but his wife and three children were at their Ooralea home.

The prosecution documents, which were lodged as part of a bail application for one of the accused men, said one of the group called the woman a "slut” in front of her children and ordered her to phone her husband to come home.

The documents said the man wanted to get away from the lifestyle of the bikie gang and that he and his family moved to Mackay last year.

Police believe he had signed up as a nominee within the club but wanted to get out after five months because he was not happy with what went on.

Police allege the group of five raided the house, opened drawers and cupboards and looked at items in the shed.

After police arrived, the group left.

It was then that the man and woman noticed things had been stolen, including 25 gold bracelets, 14 gold necklaces, seven gold rings, 11 wrist watches and $650 cash, the document said.

Police stopped the group later and allege they found the stolen items. The five were arrested.

One of the men, Viliami Hafoka Iongi, 37, was charged with enter dwelling and commit an indictable offence and armed robbery; both while being a vicious lawless associate.

But court documents submitted by his lawyers have disputed that he was a member of the Lone Wolf gang and said that he did not have associated tattoos on him, which police have alleged.

Three other men, Fatongia Alepini Hanisi, Tevita Vaklfanta Fangaloka and Medhat Mankaryous were also arrested and charged under Queensland's anti-bikie laws for entering a dwelling and robbery.

The woman, Veronica Lisa Harte, was also arrested but was not accused of being a bikie gang member.

At a previous court appearance, their defence solicitor said the group maintained their innocence and that the home occupants had lied to police.

Last month Mr Iongi was granted bail in Brisbane Supreme Court after his mother-in-law offered $50,000 surety.

As part of his conditions he must live at his home in NSW, report three times a week and not enter Queensland except for court purposes.

His case will be mentioned at Mackay Magistrates Court on Wednesday, November 9.