Ash Masters caught this Spanish Mackerel trolling off the Gold Coast. Photo Contributed
Ash Masters caught this Spanish Mackerel trolling off the Gold Coast. Photo Contributed Contributed

Plenty of fishing spots to hook in

FISHING options seem to be everywhere at the moment and many anglers are getting stuck into fish all over the place.

Maroon Dam is firing at the moment and the warmer days are sparking the bass into feeding mode it seems.

They are still heavily influenced by the weed beds and for better results, focus your angling attention on them.

Casting small hard-bodied lures like the Jackall Chubby or spinnerbaits should see you hook up to one of these hard fighting natives.

Worms or locally caught live shrimp would have to be the best baits out there and are favoured by Yellow Belly in the timbered section near Camp Lake Fire.

Spanish mackerel are still been caught in large numbers from the Gold Coast to Cape Moreton with the odd one being landed inside the bay.

Most of the mackerel are falling for trolled hard bodies like the Halco Laser Pros or casting stick baits or metal slugs into schools of baitfish to tease these speedsters into smashing your lure.

Bait fisherman are getting in on the action though with trolled baits of slimy mackerel or garfish.

Using chin rigs will stop your trolled baits from spinning in the water and make it look more natural.

If you're planning to fish in the bay, try around Harry Atkinsons or further north around Curtain Artificial Reef.

If anchored up you can also try slow floating slimy mackerel or pilchards down the current.

Estuary cod are also on the chew at the moment with the warmer water.

These structure bound brutes are a lot of fun to catch and are fairly accessible to most people.

If you are without a boat, places to start are rock walls, bridge pylons and in and around the canal systems.

If you want to target them from a boat, try inshore reefs, man-made structures like boat moorings and pylons, or fringe reefs like those around Peel and Mud Island.

Lure choice is similar for both bank and boat.

Deep diving lures like the Jackall Ponytail and Atomic Shiners work well.

This style of fishing allows you to work the strike zone and the estuary cod can't resist.

A simple cast and slow wind is all you need with these aggressive fish, but hang on as they often hit hard and there is always the possibility of them sharing their haunts with mangrove jacks.

I hope you all have a great Australia Day weekend and get amongst a few fish.

- Matt Osley (Charlton's Fishing at Redbank)