GREAT VIEWING: Racegoers watch intently as drivers jostle for prime position in one of the races at the Easter Sunday meeting at Marburg.
GREAT VIEWING: Racegoers watch intently as drivers jostle for prime position in one of the races at the Easter Sunday meeting at Marburg. Cordell Richardson

Pleasing reward for Marburg's effort



ANYONE who changed their mind about going to Marburg last Sunday certainly pulled the wrong rein.

Happily, the weather was on side and approximately 800 folk ventured to the showground.

The Marburg Pacing Association was able to demonstrate that, contrary to some opinions, it is possible to promote harness racing and do so in a profitable fashion.

Yes, it took a lot of hard work, required a large advertising budget and needed good weather but isn't that the same for any outdoor sports venture?

The MPA, on this occasion, managed to cover all the bases. With a few new faces to assist the regular corps of over-worked volounteers, and added attractions such as the Bremer Ford Suzuki Swift raffle and the "WINX" memorabilia, the fans went home happy.

We will be back again on Monday, May 6 (Labour Day), to do it all again.

Don't miss out.

It's a value for money day watching a great sport.

It's "the trots in a country setting" with feature races sponsored by well known Rosewood identities John and Chrissie Turner and Queensland Taxi Bowls Club.

Interstate concerns

IN Queensland, those of us with genuine concerns for the future of our sport often think that we are hard done by.

Maybe we are but stop for a moment and consider the immediate future of licencees and owners in South Australia.

The following is taken from the Harness Racing South Australia website and is crystal clear in its intent.

"The HRSA Board wishes to reaffirm that it remains resolute in its drive to seek the resignations of the SAHRC committee.

"Unfortunately, over time, the board has lost confidence in the ability of the SAHRC committee to properly oversee and administer the affairs of the club and harness racing at the state's premier track.

"The HRSA Board reiterates its determination that for harness racing to prosper in South Australia the principal club must be vibrant, however the SAHRC committee has failed to demonstrate that it has any viable or feasible plans to arrest the escalating financial losses being incurred.

"The realities being that club's fortunes under the current committee have continued to decline and its financial performance significantly deteriorate.''

Furthermore, HRSA states the following: "The HRSA Board is committed to ensuring Globe Derby Park remains the principal harness racing venue in South Australia and at no stage does HRSA want racing to cease on a permanent basis.

"The HRSA Board believes that Globe Derby Park is an important facility for Adelaide's northern area and that it must be maintained for its intended purpose - harness racing.

"The HRSA Board is not supportive of decisions made by the SAHRC to enter into conditional contracts to sell the majority of club property to a developer for the purposes of establishing mid-high-density residential housing.

"The HRSA Board believes that as a consequence of the SAHRC committee's performance, the club's health and on-going viability has been put at serious risk.

"In summary, the HRSA Board believes that unless the current issues being faced by the industry are satisfactorily resolved, this being the removal of the SAHRC committee, then harness racing in the state cannot progress but rather it will continue to struggle to remain relevant".

From my perspective, it seems that HRSA is behaving responsibly.

It begs the question here in Queensland, where the rumour mill spits out the same message every week, that the sale of Albion Park is crucial to any forward progress in the matter of infrastructure and in any other facet of Racing Queensland's operation.

One rumour is that former Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is headed for a seat on the three-man thoroughbred component on the over-arching Board of Racing Queensland.

Is former Lord Mayor Quirk being proposed on the basis of his expertise in gallops decision making, or is it for any expertise he may have in the processing of rezoning applications for high value properties?

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1:  First four 1-3-10-11: Jumping Jolt (J Elkins)-Tom Me Gun (N McMullen)-A Good Chance (P McMullen)-Mark Dennis (K Dawson).

R2: Box trifecta 2-5-6: Only In Rome (T Dawson)-Gottago Jazzy Jet (C Hart)-Skyfella Cam (C Geary).

R3: E/w 1: Riverleigh Rocket (Mark Dux).

R4: Quinella 1-8: Lincoln Road (H Barnes) and Casino Grin (C Geary).

R5: Quinella 1-2: Just Rokin (P Greig) and Opononis Bliss (C Turpin).

R6: E/w 2: Oceans Predator (N McMullen).

R7: First four 6-7-8-11: Spud (A Sanderson)-Maybe To The Max (H Barnes)-Justabitnoisy (Doug Lee)-Needle (D Graham).

R8: Box trifecta 1-2-5: Watch Pulp fiction (C Turpin)-Alleluia (G Dixon)-Glenferrie Hood (P McMullen).

R9: Box trifecta 1-4-9: Broken Ark (C Hart)-Albion Ark (A Sanderson)-Guy Looks Good (P McMullen).

R10: No 2: Colt Thirty One (G Dixon).

Honour board

A bit of shuffling on the leader board this week as newcomers make their presence felt. In drivers' results, Adam Richardson was up there level-pegging with Pete McMullen on five wins and rates of 250 apiece. On the trainers' side, regular Chantal Turpin was forced to make room for Jay Edmunds. Both trainers prepared three winners for the term. Most pleasing was Mitchell Dawson beginning to post higher numbers in the training department. Ipswich factor: 27/46.

Albion Park, April 20: Twitter Bromac (Adam Richardson for Jay Edmunds); Our Chittybangbang (Trent Dawson); Newmerella Sharkie (Trent Dawson for Max Towns); Good Time Stride (Rob Gorman); Spud (Adam Sanderson for Jay Edmunds); Glenferrie Hood (Pete McMullen for Wayne Graham).

Marburg, April 21: Bambole Nere (Adam Richardson for David Rodger Jnr); Northern Muscle (Denis Smith); Under The Kilt (Matt Elkins for Warren Hinze); Mach Torque (Chantal Turpin); Itsadanceoff (Matt Elkins for Trevor Lambourn); Argyle Beach (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin); Escalera (Darrell Graham); My Wingman (Paul Diebert for Ricky Gordon).

Albion Park, April 23: Mister Ribbely (Adam Richardson for Chris Monte); Majestic Simon (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin); Trojan Banner (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes); Patsdelight (Adam Sanderson for Jay Edmunds); The Shady One (Justin Elkins for Trevor Lambourn).

Redcliffe, April 24: No Confession (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie); Burning Ambition (Narissa McMullen for Mitchell Dawson); Karloo Mac (Adam Sanderson for Brett Cargill); Riverleigh William (Danny Gatt- Bouquet for Charlie Chiang).

Redcliffe, April 25: Unassuming Champ (Adam Richardson for Mitchell Dawson); On That Day (Pete McMullen for Donny Smith); Cotothemoon (Pete McMullen for Donny Smith); Itsadanceoff (Justin Elkins for Trevor Lambourn).