There are plans to build a massive warehouse development in the Redbank Motorway Estate.
There are plans to build a massive warehouse development in the Redbank Motorway Estate.

Plans for huge warehouse development in estate

THERE are plans to build a massive warehouse development, which includes an opportunity for Ipswich City Council to obtain a “significant area of parkland” if approval is granted.

A development application has been submitted to the council on behalf of Royal Bayside Unit Trust No. 2, which is seeking a development permit to construct the facility in the Redbank Motorway Estate.

The warehouse, office spaces and truck loading docks proposed would have a total gross floor area of 9,892m2 on land over 41 and 45 Monash Rd.

The total subject site is 8.87ha and is currently being used as farmland.

“The proposed development seeks to continue the development of industrial uses within the Redbank area and proposes a use which is consistent with the established character of the surrounding area,” the application notes.

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The proposal will provide 57 light vehicle carparking spaces and it is expected to generate less than 25 vehicles per hour during peak periods

The development will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“This operation is consistent with the use throughout the remainder of the established Redbank Motorway Estate,” the application notes.

The application states “an expansive area of linear parkland” along the edge of the Brisbane River to the north of the site will be delivered as part of the proposal and dedicated to the council.

“The Redbank Peninsula has been sequentially developed for industrial purposes, with the subject site being one of the last remaining sites on the peninsula to be developed with an associated dedication of linear parkland,” the application notes.

“The proposed development represents an opportunity for council to obtain this significant area of parkland, which is the final local link between publicly owned land to the east, and land under a dedication agreement to the west.

“The site is currently used for cropping purposes and was historically cleared for grazing of dairy cattle.

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“Existing vegetation is located along the edge of the Brisbane River and the top of bank for

the site.”

Due to the extent of stabilisation works required along the riverbank, and the size of the linear

parkland being more than two thirds of the site area, the applicant is seeking a reduced level of rehabilitation treatment.

“The development yield of the site is heavily impacted by the dedication of the parkland, and in comparison to other developments throughout the estate, the requirement of rehabilitating the entire buffer area is overly onerous on the applicant,” the application notes.

“The inclusion of 41 Monash Road as part of the development application provides a minimal overall benefit to the proposed development and provides for approximately 250m2 of (gross floor area) for the development, which is 2.5 per cent of the total GFA proposed.

“Whilst it is not in the interest of the applicant to include 41 Monash Road within the development proposal, it is recognised that development of the sites … will provide for the delivery of a positive and beneficial outcome for the community and council.

“It is proposed to undertake de-weeding, protection of existing native vegetation and provide a

pedestrian and cycle path.

“It is intended that the project team will meet with council upon

lodgement of the development application.”

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