Picture: Darren J McCabe Photography
Picture: Darren J McCabe Photography

Plan your weekend hockey viewing, golf results


Ipswich Hockey Association

Please note: The team named first in each match is to use Dugout A (to the left as you enter the field) and the second team Dugout B (to the right as you enter the field).

Men's and boys' fixtures - August 28-30: Friday (Field, Time, Umpires, Tech Bench) - A Grade - Hancock Brothers v Norths, 1, 8.45pm, A Gotting/R Arthur, P Hardie/L Haley.

Saturday: E Grade - Easts Black v Western Strikers, 2, 11.35am, S Baldwin/A Wells, K Batten; Easts Gold v Hancock Brothers, 1, 11.50am, A Jackson/H Simpson, R Chandler.

R2 Grade: Easts Gold v Norths, 1, 2.45pm, B Kinnane/M Eleison, L Haley.

Reserve: Easts v Wests, 2, 4pm, M Eleison/N Walker, P Alchin.

A2 Grade: Hancock Brothers v Northern Strikers, 2, 5.30pm, J Herron/H Hocking, R Chandler.

Reserve: Hancock Brothers v Norths, 1, 5.45pm, N Walker/M Eleison, L Haley.

A2 Grade: Easts v Swifts, 2, 7pm, J Herron/H Hocking, R Chandler.

Sunday: D Grade - Northern Strikers v Wests, 2, 10am, A Jackson/K Suthers, R Chandler; Easts v Hancock Brothers, 1, 10.15am, H Wells/K McPeake, K Batten.

R2 Grade: Bellbowrie v Easts Black, 1, 1.15pm, B Kinnane/B McManus,      L Haley; Wests v Hancock Brothers, 2, 2.30pm, R Arthur/J Herron, R Chandler.

A Grade: Easts v Wests, 1, 4.15pm, Z Profke/A Gotting, L Hale.

Byes: E Grade - Norths.

Women's and girls' fixtures - August 28-30: Friday (Field, Time, Umpires, Tech Bench) - A2 Grade - Swifts v Thistles, 2, 7.00pm, K Suthers/K McPeake, K Batten; Bellbowrie v Vets, 1, 7.15pm, R Arthur/J Herron, L Haley; Hancock Brothers v Norths, 2, 8.30pm, K Suthers/K McPeake, K Batten.

Saturday: E Grade - Easts v Norths, 2, 10.15am, A Meloury/P Mole, L Haley; Swifts v Thistles, 1, 10.30am, S Jackwitz/A Hansen, R Chandler.

D Grade: Easts v Swifts, 2, 1pm, H Wells/C Hinze, K Batten; Hancock Brothers v North Western Strikers, 1, 1.15pm, A Jackson/A Eleison, R Chandler.

R2 Grade: Bellbowrie Green v Vets, 2, 2.30pm, Z Eleison/TBA, C Gotting.

Reserve: Swifts v Wests, 1, 4.15pm, TBA/TBA, L Haley.

A Grade: Hancock Brothers v Thistles, 1, 7.15pm, N Walker/B Kinnane, P Alchin.

Sunday: C Grade - Bellbowrie v Hancock Brothers, 2, 11.30am, H Wells/A Eleison, R Chandler; Norths v Thistles, 1, 11.45am, K McPeake/J Herron, L Haley.

R2 Grade: Bellbowrie Gold v Swifts, 2, 1pm, A Eleison/R Arthur, C Gotting.

Reserve: Hancock Brothers v Northern Strikers, 1, 2.45pm, N Walker/J Fox, J George; Easts v Thistles, 2, 4pm, N Walker/Z Eleison, R Chandler.

A2 Grade: Norths v Vets, 2, 5.30pm, R Profke/H Petersen, C Gotting.

A Grade: Easts v Wests, 1, 5.45pm, J Fox/B McManus, L Haley/R Chandler.

A2 Grade: Bellbowrie v Thistles, 2, 7pm, H Petersen/H Hocking, R Chandler; Hancock Brothers v Swifts, 1, 7.15pm, R Profke/K Suthers, L Haley.

Byes: R2 Grade - Easts; E Grade - Western Strikers.


Sandy Gallop

Results August 24: Monday Medley - 1st C. Manuel 37, 2nd D. Berrell 35pts, 3rd B. Kathage 35pts.

BRD: 30pts. PCC: 1

Rosewood Vets

Results August 24: Single Stableford for trophies by D. Butterfield.

Winners: G. Hauser 39pts. Ladies S. Erith 36pts. Runners-up: A. Elape 38pts. Ladies D. Norris 35pts.

Rundown Mens to 36pts. Ladies to 33pts.

N.T.P'S No2 J. Hunter. Ladies M.Boonstoppel.

No9 M.Clem. Ladies S. Heise.

No11 C. Stevenson. Ladies D. Pearson.

No15 G. Maxwell. Ladies A. Arumuga.

Approach No12 C. McKenzi.

Next game: September 14. All veteran golfers welcome.