Rosewood's David Pahlke.
Rosewood's David Pahlke. Cordell Richardson

Plan to build on Rosewood's charm, grow its prosperity

PREVENTING the problems plaguing Ipswich's CBD from repeating in Rosewood hinges on getting more people to stay in the quaint town, David Pahlke believes.

Mr Pahlke, who spent more than two decades as a councillor for the area before being dismissed in August, said a range of projects were needed to protect Rosewood.

Several years ago he voted to reject a shopping centre being built outside the CBD, fearing it would destroy the town.

"The Rosewood Town Plan protects the main street; another CBD can't spring up somewhere else," he said.

Mr Pahlke said the town's future was bright, with several large infrastructure projects on the horizon.

"The library is coming which will be a big boom, a drawcard," he said.

"The dinosaur is here."

"Those sort of things add substance to the main street."

Mr Pahlke said the challenge was to transform the area from a day-trip destination to an overnight retreat.

Up to 40 caravans can be parked at the Rosewood Showgrounds and these bring in cash.

"The pubs tell me, the op-shops tell me they're spending the dollars and that's been confirmed by the receipts they're putting in," Mr Pahlke said.

"It's got a good future but you've got to bring people into the main street."

About 1500 homes are being built at Walloon and 130 in Rosewood.

Mr Pahlke said an improvement to the streetscape road was necessary to improve the ambience of the city.

He also wants the state to lower John St to reduce floods.

In the 1870s, the middle of the road was the boundary fence between two farms.

Two farmers donated half a street each to create the road.

"What they should have done was gone a bit wider for parking," Mr Pahlke said.

While the farmers, who 15 years before the automobile was invented failed to predict Rosewood's 2018 parking needs, Mr Pahlke said now was the time to right their wrongs and build another carpark.