Plan for huge 24-hr medical centre to fix 'forgotten' street

A MASSIVE 24-hour medical centre has been touted as a significant development that will transform one of Ipswich's "forgotten" sites.

An application has been lodged to build a 3295 sqm medical centre on a vacant block at 23 Mill St Goodna.

The one-stop location would consist of eight health-related tenancies including radiology, allied health, pharmacy and speciality health, with additional space for a cafe or snack bar and a small office.

According to the application, lodged with Ipswich City Council, the medical centre "provides the opportunity for the convenience of a range of health-related services in a single, highly-accessible location".

The applicant argues the "contemporary" centre and its modern facade will "improve the general appearance of the area".

"Opposite the site are industrial buildings with a very poor standard of construction and poor aesthetic appeal," the application notes.

"The current streetscape on the southern side of Mill St lacks any strong built form or character beyond a few driveway entrances and appears as a generally forgotten place.

"The introduction of the proposed centre will add a strong contemporary built form element to the streetscape and create a sense of place."

An artist's concept of the proposed Goodna Medical Centre.
An artist's concept of the proposed Goodna Medical Centre. Contributed

While the medical centre borders residences, the applicant argues no adverse effect will be felt by home owners.

The location of the site is within the council's designated flood zone.

Tenants will be located on the second level to mitigate most major floods.

The raised platform will be set above the 2011 flood level of 16.5m AHD.

According to the development permit application, 168 car parking spaces would be built at ground level.

Goodna was one of the hardest hit areas in the region when floodwaters peaked on January 12, 2011.

More than 600 properties in the area were destroyed in the flood, the largest number of flood-affected properties in southeast Queensland.