A birds eye view of Plainland Crossing as at June 28.
A birds eye view of Plainland Crossing as at June 28. Contributed

Plainland development must not go ahead at this time

A PUBLIC notice in Gatton Star newspaper (5/12) advertised of a development application to the council for approval for small blocks totalling 142.

This is on top of the existing ongoing extension of small blocks at Plainland being constructed.

The original development upon the Plainland hill consists of 400-600 square metre blocks of about 200 in number.

Also, an application has appeared for local Plainland area for a large college and 300 person church.

A hold must be applied to these projects until a sewerage line is constructed to connect to a suitable sewerage treatment plant.

Also, adjoining surrounding streets require upgrading via widening and kerbing with a stormwater system to accommodate the faster run-off from these developments.

I believe strongly in Plainland being developed, however, infrastructure must be in place ahead of this growth, not behind.

Developers must be accountable for all infrastructural costs at the onset, otherwise we ratepayers will be squeezed to supply such requirements at a future date.

This council has shown a propensity toward helping developers with holding down developer contributions, at the expense of ratepayers.

BOB FOWKE, Regency Downs

Plainland Crossing, June 2017: Work is underway for Plainland Crossing.