Bachelors for battlers
Bachelors for battlers

Place your bids: Five eligible bachelors looking for love

SOME of the Scenic Rim’s most eligible bachelors who are looking for love will be up for auction tomorrow night for five lucky ladies.

Local farmer and event organiser Liam Macfarlane said it all started with a joke between lifelong mates on Facebook and quickly evolved into a fundraising opportunity to give back to bushfire affected communities in New South Wales.

“We were having bushfires out here as well and there was a lot of fencing that was lost and everyone was thinking ‘how are we going to raise some money?’,” he said.

“It was just a bit of a joke at the start, I just put a post up on Facebook, just to pull the p**s out of one of my mates and I added a few more into it and then it just got shared around Facebook that much.

“We sort of all got together and thought that could be a really good idea and a fun night.”

The winning bidders will be treated to a three-hour dinner cruise on-board the Kookaburra Showboat on the Brisbane River with their respective bachelor.

The bachelors are all local boys and most of them have a background in farming.

They also copped a taste of how ferocious the fire season was, with all of them fighting to protect paddocks from the flames.

“We were all out there fighting fires around here. When the fires hit here, Billy Johnson, their paddock out at Tarome, a lot of the fire was in their paddock, so we were out there fighting that,” he said.

Three of the bachelors Bent fields, Billy Johnson and Callum Mciness after fighting fires in Tarome.
Three of the bachelors Bent fields, Billy Johnson and Callum Mciness after fighting fires in Tarome.

Mr Macfarlane said it didn’t take too much convincing to get the boys involved.

“I think they all must be chasing love themselves anyway,” he said.

“Ever since the first post came out, they’ve all had plenty of friend requests on Facebook.

“I haven’t told the boys yet, but say if a married woman bought them, she could probably go on a date with her husband and they could probably just get one of the bachelors to mow their lawns.”

A number of local business have jumped on board and donated goods to be raffled off.

The Bushfire Relief Charity Auction will be held at Simon’s Tavern in Boonah tonight from 6pm. Tickets are $15 a person for entry and $20 for a two course meal with funds going towards the fire ravaged township of Tumbarumba via the Rotary Club of Tumbarumba.

More information can be found on the Bachelors for battlers charity auction Facebook event.