Curtis Pitt
Curtis Pitt Chris Ison

Pitt slams LNP's list of promises to Katter MPs

CURTIS Pitt, the likely treasurer of the Palaszczuk government, has slammed the LNP's new list of promises to the Katter Party.

He said the Coalition's new finance pledges were basically a copy of Labor's plan.

Yesterday the LNP released a five-page letter addressing the Katter Australian Party's list of key priorities, which the MPs developed to help them negotiate with the LNP and Labor in the case of a hung parliament.

In their new plan for financing the state, LNP leader Lawrence Springborg outlined that asset leases and sales would be off the table.

The letter also said the Labor Party would be given an opportunity to submit its proposed $1.7 billion in savings in the 2014-15 budget.

Mr Pitt said the LNP had vacated the space of fin-ancial management and were now relying on Labor's plan.

He told ABC radio the LNP's document was "ast-onishing".

"(It) referred to what they are going to be doing in their plans," he said.

"He has essentially vac-ated the space of financial management. He now wants to copy Labor's plan for the funding of election promises.

"I couldn't believe when I read it myself. He's essentially asking Labor Party's advice as to how we could do our $1.7 billion in savings that we had in our costings document because they've had to shed their plan of selling assets."

The LNP document also outlined it would cut payroll tax by increasing the threshold by $100,000 each year for the next term.

It has not been confirmed if Mr Pitt would be treas-urer in a new Labor government.