‘Piss take’: Gallagher blasts Aussie law

Liam Gallagher has blown up at Australia's nanny state laws after he was cut-off mid-song in Melbourne last night due to noise restrictions.

The Britpop icon was halfway through belting out Oasis's anthemic hit Supersonic at the Margaret Court Arena when the sound suddenly dipped out - stoking loud boos from the crowd.

He took to Twitter shortly after to make his feelings known.

"Well that was a load of wank getting cut off last song we weren't that bad," he wrote. "I've heard worse any ways thems the rules you still smashed it Melbourne biblical stay young stay safe."

Gallagher has tweeted again this morning to his 3.5 million followers, saying he faced a $250,000 fine if he played after the 11pm curfew.


"250 thousand dollar fine if we played over the curfew last night," the tweet said.

"I mean those tunes are biblical and I'm the f---ing biblical brother but c'mon that's a f---ing p--- take who ever (sic) made that rule needs to stop smoking SPICE."

Spice is a synthetic cannabis - which is highly addictive and dangerous, and has caused major problems in Gallagher's hometown of Manchester.

Angry lad rock fans took to Twitter to back the Mancunian frontman, saying the Australia's nanny state laws have become an international "joke".

"Welcome to Australia Liam. Even the rules have rules," Fox Sports presenter Liam Peacock tweeted.

"11pm Curfew at Margaret Court Arena," Ex-Richmond footballer Matthew Richardson wrote.

"Literally turned PA off halfway through Liam Gallagher singing Supersonic. #joke"

However, 3AW Football commentator Tony Leonard - who describes himself as "a card-carrying Gallagher fan" - said Gallagher started late and indicated mid-show that he was under pressure to wrap things up.

"He said 'No one's bleeping well telling me when we're bleeping well finishing tonight, we'll bleeping well go for as long as we like'," he said on 3AW this morning.

Despite the drama, Gallagher's tour down under has been deemed a raging success and it appears our love of restrictions hasn't turned him off Australia altogether.

"Other than that I'm seriously loving Australia," he wrote on Twitter this morning. "When I'm rich n famous I might get myself a little gaff out here c'mon you know."