A severed pig’s head found in Townsville.
A severed pig’s head found in Townsville.

Severed pig head in yard linked to feud

A NEIGHBOURHOOD feud is understood to be behind the grisly discovery of a pig's head in the front yard of a Gulliver home on Thursday.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said a friend discovered the gruesome scene - with the severed head left in a plastic milk crate - on the footpath near a home about 5.30pm.

The resident would not reveal where the crate was found, fearing recriminations, but said it was at a home close to Sargeant Park, Gulliver.

The Bulletin has been told the incident is the latest in a tat-for-tat dispute between two people living in the area.

The resident immediately notified police, the RSPCA and the residents of the home where the head was found.

RSPCA Queensland Regional Inspector Frank Bebernitz confirmed the incident had been reported.

He said it was not clear if the severed head was evidence of animal cruelty.

"It's not necessarily animal cruelty unless it can be shown that the pig has suffered when it died," he said.

"If it was humanely slaughtered then there is no offence under the legislation.

"We're making some inquiries to see if there has been any offence committed."

Mr Bebernitz said it was not unusual for animal carcasses to be left in public places such as on roadsides.

He said the motive of leaving a pig head outside a home was an issue for police.

A police spokesman confirmed police had received reports of the incident.