‘Pig’: America explodes over Trump speech


The United States appears to be more bitterly divided than ever in the wake of Donald Trump's State of the Union address, with furious reactions coming from the left and the right.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out the high number of factually incorrect statements made by the president, superimposing a lie detector over a replay of part of Trump's speech.



Actor and comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted during Mr Trump's address to Congress that the 73-year-old is a "fearmongering pig".

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Meanwhile a fuming Bette Midler, a frequent critic of Mr Trump, tweeted that she wished the president would "STFU" [shut the f*** up].

"Isn't it funny how STFU looks similar to SOTU?" she said.

"Don't you wish that #Jackass would STFU during SOTU?"

Actor John Cusack also took aim at Mr Trump, tweeting to his 1.6 million followers:

"Trump is literally lauding himself for kicking 7 million people off of food stamps and millions more off of welfare. He's proud that struggling families are struggling more. The GOP applauded him. SMH [shaking my head]."





But it was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi - the highest ranking Democrat - who said the most without uttering a word. Ms Pelosi tore up Mr Trump's speech moments after he finished.

The shock antics earned Ms Pelosi applause from Mr Trump's haters, but Republicans and his public supporters were ropeable.




Star Trek actor George Takei praised Ms Pelosi for taking away attention from what he described as the president's "lies".

"All I remember from the last SOTU was her iconic handclap. All I will take away from this one is her ripping up the speech. She does more without saying a damn word than Trump can do with 10,000 lies."

Film maker Michael Moore tweeted his thanks to Ms Pelosi and dubbed her "Nancy the Ripper."

"Thank you. That felt good," Mr Moore wrote.





But Former Republican senator Newt Gingrich said he was "disgusted" by Ms Pelosi's act.

"As Speaker of the House for four State of the Unions by a President of the other party I am disgusted and insulted by the viciously partisan action of Nancy Pelosi tearing up the speech," Mr Gingrich said.

"She isn't clever or cute her childishness insults our American traditions.[She] should be censured."

The hashtag #PelosiTantrum began trending on Twitter after Seth Harris, a Christian conservative, tweeted:

"The #PelosiTantrum is a tragic image of how divided our country is," and Mr Trump retweeted it to his followers.

Republican and former United States Ambassador to the United Nations said she was "disappointed" in Ms Pelosi'act.

"Disappointed to see @SpeakerPelosi rip up the speech that mentioned lives we've lost and heroes we celebrated at the SOTU.

"No matter how you feel or what you disagree with, remember others are watching. This was unbecoming of someone at her level in office."







Pelosi, speaking to reporters as she left the Capitol, said she tore up the copy of Trump's speech because "It was a manifesto of mistruths."

She later added it was "the courteous thing to do, considering the alternative."

The ripping was not planned, according to a person close to the Democratic speaker who was unauthorised to speak publicly.

It came after Ms Pelosi had extended a hand to Mr Trump when he entered the chamber, but he refused to shake it.

The drama unfolded on the eve of Mr Trump's likely acquittal in the impeachment trial on Wednesday afternoon local time (Thursday AM AEDT).