Western Pride goalkeeper Jake Reesby is already proving to be a major boost for the club in the 2021 Football Queensland Premier League season. Picture: David Lems
Western Pride goalkeeper Jake Reesby is already proving to be a major boost for the club in the 2021 Football Queensland Premier League season. Picture: David Lems

Star Ipswich recruit keen to keep Pride in tune

AS a self-confessed "older'' footballer, highly regarded goalkeeper Jake Reesby is learning the piano.

Having joined Western Pride this season, Reesby recently bought a keyboard to play some tunes and help him relax.

With less training than previously at National Premier Leagues level, the accomplished player has found a new hobby.

But as he highlighted in Pride's latest Queensland Football Premier League 1 victory tonight, 29-year-old Reesby still means business on the field.

Although happy to share in Pride's second consecutive win, the former Peninsula Power custodian was disappointed about Mitchelton getting two close range goals past him.

"I always prefer a clean sheet,'' he said following Pride's 3-2 win, a week after beating Wynnum Wolves 1-0.

"But at the end of the day I'm just stoked (with the early results).''

Reesby was close to Pride's best player at the Briggs Road Sporting Complex with his superb organisational skills and safe hands.

He is Pride's star off-season signing, having shared in multiple grand final successes over the past decade.

"It's a little bit different,'' he said of joining Western Pride.

"I was pretty close to hanging up the boots.

"I was 10 years at Power. I've been probably 13-14 years of playing top team.''

He shared one of the reasons for moving to the Ipswich club.

"It's been great,'' he said, travelling regularly from Newstead to Flinders View.

"The (Briggs Road Sporting Complex) field is lovely. It's one of the best fields in Brisbane so to get to train and play on this every week is just great.

"It's okay for my knees as well being a bit older and playing on a nice field.''

Western Pride goalkeeper Jake Reesby. Picture: David Lems
Western Pride goalkeeper Jake Reesby. Picture: David Lems

Reesby is also enjoying being a senior player able to share his knowledge.

"They are a good bunch of lads,'' he said.

"Any advice I have been giving them, they have been all ears.

"Having a younger squad, just being a bit smarter on the ball, being a bit smarter as a unit is a massive thing. So that is something that will come.

"And the fitness is still on its way.''

Pride's latest win was only their second premiership game after a disrupted month due to the wet weather.

"I always aim basically for the first three or four games to try and lull those out and just start running,'' he said. "So we've done that now. It's two great results.''

Pride led 2-1 at halftime through goals by Isaac Davey and Abraham Wani before winless Mitchelton equalised after the break.

Pride secured the victory after defender Ben Piper's deflection into the net off a free kick.

Growing up in Moreton Bay, Reesby appreciated the invitation of Pride head coach Brian Hastings to play.

"Brian has been good,'' the keeper said. "It's been really helpful to me, allowing me to come in as a senior player and work with the team and try and get us running on all cylinders.

"Some of the best players I've ever played with have been the older players. They have been so much slower than everyone but they will just be so much smarter on the ball and they will just find space.

"We sometimes lack that, especially in the last 15, 20 minutes.

"It just comes with experience and unless you have players that you can play with and learn from them, then you don't know how to do that.''

Western Pride back-up goalkeeper Josh Boyle is learning from experienced recruit Jake Reesby.
Western Pride back-up goalkeeper Josh Boyle is learning from experienced recruit Jake Reesby.

A vital part of Reesby's contribution is working with upcoming Pride teenager Josh Boyle, the club's back-up keeper who is being monitored by A-League club, the Mariners.

"He has been brilliant,'' Reesby said, sharing advice, drills and techniques to help Boyle.

"But he's almost applying too much of it. He's just all ears. He's like a sponge . . . so he's great.

"And physically and genetically speaking, he's exactly what they are looking for.

"So as long as he stays sharp and fit, he'll have a really good opportunity of doing something with a career.''

Reesby works in commercial solar for a company called Jen Energy.

Despite nearing the end of his higher level football career, he sets another example for his new Pride teammates.

"I train every day in the gym as well,'' he said.

"A lot of these young players need to do more weight training just to get a lot more physical and stronger.''

Reesby enjoyed his lengthy stint with Peninsula Power which was one of the top teams in the state.

"I was really glad I won the state league (last year),'' he said.

"The FFA Cup round of 32 was always great.

"I think I won two Canale Cups, five grand finals so it was good.

"I got everything I kind of set out to achieve.

"So it's nice coming into a team where you are one of the older players as well.''

As for learning the piano, Reesby said he wanted another new challenge despite not having "a musical bone'' in his family.

"I've got a bit more spare time . . . so I thought I'd try to preoccupy myself with something else,'' he said.

"It just gives you something to do (around training and playing football).''

The Western Pride men return to the Briggs Road Sporting Complex on Thursday night for an 8.30pm catch-up match against Southside Eagles.

The Pride women also play at home at 8.15pm on Tuesday night, against Souths United before resuming regular fixtures next weekend.

FQPL1: Western Pride 3 (Isaac Davey, Abraham Wani, Ben Piper) def Mitchelton 2 at the Briggs Road Sporting Complex.

U23: Mitchelton def Western Pride 5-0.