Principal Narelle Dobson (left) with first student Darius Kebbell, Pam Betts and Reverend Ken Howell
Principal Narelle Dobson (left) with first student Darius Kebbell, Pam Betts and Reverend Ken Howell

PHOTOS: New Plainland school blessed, construction continues

TIMBER that was felled from former farmland has been used to create a shovel for the Lockyer Valley’s newest school.

Sophia College, Plainland will open its doors to students in Term 1, 2021, with three classes of Year 7 students, and will expand over time until its first Year 12 cohort graduates in 2026.

A ‘Blessing of the Soil’ celebration was held on Thursday afternoon, which marked an important milestone as the school ready’s towards opening next year.

After blessing the soil, Reverend Ken Howell, Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane said “it is clear that Plainland is growing, and growing fast” stating “as a youngster, my family would drive through here to Toowoomba and Dalby to visit relatives and my mother would always comment on a Pink homestead as we drove through, and it is amazing it is still there and is still the same colour”.

“Sophia means wisdom” said Reverend Howell as he described the important foundations being laid in Plainland.

The shovel used to turn the soil on Thursday, was made from timber sourced from the site, an act signifying the history of the land that the school is being built on.

Pam Betts, Executive Director of Brisbane Catholic Education said Sophia College will join a network of 144 schools throughout south east Queensland.

“Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes many people to create a new school” Ms Betts said acknowledging the work of all those involved in establishing Sophia College.

Reverend Ken Howell with Mayor Tanya Milligan
Reverend Ken Howell with Mayor Tanya Milligan

Ms Betts said the blessing of the soil on Thursday was a “landmark moment” in identifying the college as a site of “faith and love”.

Ms Betts also gave thanks to local representatives including Lockyer Valley Mayor Tanya Milligan for their commitment to the Plainland community stating “the Lockyer Valley community wrapped themselves around Sophia College” when it was announced that a new secondary school would be built.

The Queensland Government provided $3.2 million towards external infrastructure towards the establishment of Sophia College.

Foundation Principal of Sophia College, Mrs Narelle Dobson told the Gatton Star that all foundation teaching staff have been hired and are “eager to start”.

“They know what an enormous effort is required starting in a brand new school” Mrs Dobson said.

First student, Darius Kebbell (pictured) can’t wait to commence.

Sophia College will open its doors to students on the first day of the 2021 school calendar.