GAYNDAH POLICE: Sergeant Josh Ryan (left) and Constable Brendan Florance (right) are loving their time in the country.
GAYNDAH POLICE: Sergeant Josh Ryan (left) and Constable Brendan Florance (right) are loving their time in the country. Contributed

Why has this photo of two Gayndah cops gone viral?

GAYNDAH could see a rise in its female population after a photo of two local cops went viral on social media, winning plenty of admirers, especially from women.

Gayndah police officers Sergeant Josh Ryan and Constable Brendan Florance have been thrust into the spotlight as the new faces on the Queensland Police Service Facebook cover photo.

The photo of the two officers was posted on the Facebook page with the caption: "Local Sergeant, Josh Ryan and his offsider Brendan reckon Gayndah is one of the sweetest spots in the state, known for its citrus fruit and authentic country living".

Since it was posted last week, the photo has garnered more than 3000 likes, 134 shares and more than 150 comments.

Many of the cheeky comments came from women, who not only now deemed a trip to Gayndah as a must, but also felt a sudden urge to commit a minor misdemeanour in the region known for its citrus fruit.


"Road trip to Gayndah and we can litter or forget to indicate or something," said one admirer.

"Mandarin country, good looking officers, fantastic promo photo, keep keeping on boys, keep our fruit safe," said another.

"Trip to Gayndah? Help me get arrested or something," another woman wrote.

The humble officers told the Central and North Burnett Times that the photo was taken as part of a short film made by QPS titled Boundless Duty along with five other country stations to broadcast the lives of country police officers.

"The concept is to prompt policing in rural and isolated towns and to show that it's very rewarding both professionally and personally," Sgt Ryan said.

"It is encouraging to see that the work not only the Gayndah police, but all small country stations, do is being recognised.

"For Brendan and I to be given this opportunity is a reflection of the hard work we are doing but more importantly it shows how the community has a positive influence on our policing lives."