Man refilling his gasoline car
Man refilling his gasoline car

Petrol price rise ‘a kick in the guts’

MOTORISTS should fill up on fuel fast as rising prices coincide with a loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, the RACQ has urged.

In a "kick in the guts" to motorists, the State Government's decision to ease home confinement restrictions comes as fuel prices start to creep up.

Fuel prices generally follow a one-month price cycle.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said Queensland was starting to enter the more expensive phase of the cycle.

"Now is the time unfortunately for motorists that we are seeing it go up to that expensive stage," she said.

"Some service stations are increasing prices, and as we know with the cycle some go first and then the rest follow.

"We have Coles Express service stations in particular at $1.359 so it's not unusual to see these big jumps from the cheap stage to the expensive stage of the cycle."

Ms Smith said car owners could still make savings if they acted quickly.

"If you want to save money, definitely get out now and fill up, whether you're planning a trip or you just need to fill up the tank," she said. "We do expect the cheapest fuel to disappear over the next few days."

The RACQ has warned fuel retailers thinking of taking advantage and raising prices that it would be watching.

"Don't just fill up whenever, wherever or when you're on empty make sure you're taking the time to find and then support the service station with the cheapest prices otherwise you could get ripped off regardless of whether it's the peak cycle or somebody's taking advantage by charging too much," Ms Smith said.

Originally published as Petrol price rise 'a kick in the guts'