Alan Kirby with member for Blair Shayne Neumann
Alan Kirby with member for Blair Shayne Neumann

Petition power brings phone coverage to town

ALAN KIRBY said he was jumping for joy when he learned Linville and the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail would benefit from new phone coverage towers.

Mr Kirby instigated a petition in his town last year to lobby for something to be done about poor mobile phone coverage in the town.

“I noticed that there was absolutely no mobile phone signal in the main street of town. I spoke to the publican and he said he had made a few complaints to the local council and got no response.

“He tried everything he could and I thought I’m retired, I’ve got a bit of spare time on my hands and nothing like doing something for the community.

“If there’s a major accident, which there had been a few accidents on the rail trail, bike riders falling over and getting fairly, badly damaged and there was no way of ringing an ambulance.

“There’s 200 odd people at a time on this rail trail and there’s beginners and some accomplished riders, but the beginners are the ones who are going to come off especially when we have horses dropping their doings on the rail trail and that gets a bit slippery for the bikes.”

He developed a petition and went around to get names and addresses and finished up with about 350 names.

He received a call on Thursday from Member for Blair Shayne Neumann to share the news.

“I got in my car and I went around and told everyone. I was so happy,” he said.

Mr Neumann received correspondence from the Minister for Communications detailing Linville and two other sites, including a site at Mount Kilcoy and a site near Jimna, in the electorate of Blair for phone coverage towers.

Mr Neumann then wrote to the Minister Communications and made a speech in parliament.

Mr Neumann said the announcement was a big victory for the community and those who advocated for better coverage. He also said there was more work to be done in ensuring connectivity throughout the Somerset Region.