Patricia Petersen.
Patricia Petersen.

Petersen to appeal to Can Do

PATRICIA Petersen is set to appeal an Electoral Commission Queensland ruling that she cannot nominate to run in the upcoming Ipswich council elections.

Ms Petersen, who won almost 10% of the vote in the state seat of Ipswich, said she was taking her appeal to Premier Campbell Newman.

In a nutshell, Section 26 of the Local Government Act of 2011 states that a candidate in a state election cannot nominate for election as a councillor until the electoral commission has been notified who the winner is in the state seat.

"And we are about 10 days off that at least," said Peter Venning, returning officer for the state and Ipswich council elections.

The seat of Ipswich is yet to be declared for LNP candidate Ian Berry, even though Labor's Rachel Nolan has conceded defeat.

All council candidates must nominate by noon today and Ms Petersen is racing a battle with the clock that she looks set to lose.

Ms Petersen said the ruling was "absolutely ridiculous".

"I think Campbell Newman can do something about this. It is his chance to show some leadership," she said.

"I'll be contacting his office right now and see if he can undo the damage for the sake of democracy - and change either the rule or the cut-off point.

"There is no possibility of me winning Ipswich. Rachel Nolan has conceded defeat and Ian Berry is getting ready to move into her office I presume."