Peter Handscomb has made a change to his technique.
Peter Handscomb has made a change to his technique.

Handscomb confirms new stance on batting technique

Peter Handscomb has conceded he had to change his technique on the run as he fights for his Test future.

The lengthy innings that would book his Ashes berth was in the offing against India at the SCG before he chopped Jasprit Bumrah onto his stumps for a promising yet inconclusive 37.

Statistics released by Cricviz show Handscomb is standing further forward than he traditionally does, a significant move because he normally retreated as close to his stumps as any Test batsman.

There have been consistent calls for him to reshape his game with Shane Warne fearing quirky footwork might not have been sustainable at the game's highest level.

"It's just a different place to stand on the wicket,'' Handscomb said.

"Obviously it's quite obvious to see I'd moved out of my crease a little bit further or moved to the crease from where I was and that's just something I've been working a little bit with JL (Justin Langer) and Hickey (batting coach Graeme Hick) just trying to access my front foot a little bit more.

"Obviously with a bit of reverse swing as well I need to be able to move both forward and back as well so it's just a couple of things we've tried and it felt pretty good this game but it's still a work in progress and whether I continue to do that or not we'll wait and see with some more practice.

Handscomb admitted it was challenging to do it mid-series but felt the move was worthwhile.

"I've always got to look to improve. Guys change their game all the time and I needed to look to improve and look to score runs and stay out there so this is something we've come up with and hopefully it can work and if it doesn't we'll try for something else.''