More than 62 per cent of Australians share their home with a pet.
More than 62 per cent of Australians share their home with a pet. iStock

Pet lovers can fit out home to suit their fur babies

According to the RSPCA, Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership anywhere in the world. For most Australian families, pets are part of their family, with dogs and cats being the most popular choices for a household pet.

In New York architects can now include offerings such as dedicated spaces for the pets to eat, dress and bath for wealthy clients. Naturally, this is an extreme response and you don't need to spend as much to design a home you and your animal companion will love. Rather it's a matter of creating an environment to suit the needs of you and your fur children.

Starting with the basics of pet proofing your home, a fence, gate and possibly a pet door may be necessary. In the home, you can reduce your pet's preference for your sofas, chairs and beds by providing furniture of their own. Stylish pet crates, beds and cushions are a great alternative.

For pets that insist on sharing your furniture, you may want to invest in attractive, removable and washable covers. Alternatively, choose fur-resistant materials for your furniture such as leather for sofas and chairs. Protect chairs from cat scratches by choosing steel or wooden legs.

For cleanliness and health, it's a good idea to choose a designated single place in your home for pets to eat every day, ideally in a laundry or utility space.

And finally, depending on the type and size of your pets, adjust precious decor pieces around the home. Move anything that's breakable as pets are clueless, careless and often have a lot of energy that can wreak havoc with your valuables.