PROWL: A wild dog that was spotted in the Whitsunday region earlier in the year.
PROWL: A wild dog that was spotted in the Whitsunday region earlier in the year. Collette Dunn

Pet dog attacked by a wild dog in Bowen

A PET dog was attacked by a wild dog in Bowen last night, on a property in Africandar Rd.

A foothold trap has been laid on the property by the Whitsunday Regional Council to catch the wild animal.

Council's director of community and environment Julie Wright told the Bowen Independent that this was an isolated incident, with no previous attacks against pets being recorded in the area.

"The attack on a pet dog took place at the end of a residential area which backs on to rural acreage, so we have sought permission from the neighbouring landholder to lace a foothold trap," she said.

Ms Wright said that reports had come in, indicating there is the possibility of more than one wild dog involved in the attack last night.

"If the reports are correct, our information is that there is pack of about five wild dogs," she said.

"If that information is correct, then there is a pack in the area."

Ms Wright said the exact number of the dog or dogs involved is yet to be confirmed, but that council was investigating and added they would greatly appreciate any information or sightings regarding the possible pack.

She added that a lone dog or a pack of wild dogs can move quite a distance in 24 hours.

Ms Wright said the most up to date information she had regarding the well-being of the dog, was that it was still under veterinary care.

Council local law officers attend daily to any complaints ensuring safety of community regarding aggressive or stray dogs.

If people or their dogs are subject to an attack they should immediately contact council on 1300 WRC QLD and gather information to identify the offending dog and, if possible, where it is kept.

What can be done:

. Don't encourage wild dogs by feeding them

. Keep food scraps secured

. Ensure pets and domestic stock are kept in a secure enclosure

. Council has various traps that can be used by landholders if wild dogs/ dingoes become a problem

. Council provides a 1080 poison service to landholders where permitted, generally on larger properties. Landholders are encouraged to participate in the coordinated 1080 program