Personal appearance costing us a packet

WOMEN and men are poles apart when it comes to beauty.

The Cost of Looking Good survey shows women on average spend almost twice as long as men on their weekly home-based beauty routines

They devote 100 minutes a week to looking good compared with the 60 minutes a week men set aside.

The survey revealed that men spent more than women in the previous four weeks on hair products, cosmetics and fashion.

Almost half of the men surveyed said they bought skincare items and more than a quarter admitted to buying make-up.

Men spent 78% more than women on fashion accessories (or $201 compared to the $113 females forked out), 56% more on hair products (or $100 compared to $64) and 37% more on shoes (or $164 compared to the $120 women spent).

Remarkably, Australians spent more than $100 billion in a year on their appearance. Monthly, Aussies spent an average of $594 on fashion garments, accessories, beauty products and cosmetic services.

The spending spree was highest in Victoria and New South Wales, at $707 and $669 respectively per month. Queenslanders spent 41% less than the average Australian, $353 per month.

The survey also showed Queensland residents spent about half the national average on manicures, pedicures and facials, and 25% less than other Australians on professional attire, footwear and casual clothing.