YOU know the scene. It's dinnertime. Weary bodies gather around the table.

Tablets in hand, mobile devices at the ready.

No-one barely looks up.

Mum or dad, who has slaved over the meal, serves up.

A head barely looks up in acknowledgement.

According to new research, it's enough to drive parents - and even some siblings - crazy.

A Galaxy survey of 1000 Australians found more than six in 10 say family arguments at the table stem from technology.

One in five families say their meal times are disrupted by technology more than five times a week.

One in three homes have tried - unsuccessfully to ban the tech when eating.

It's no longer just the TV news on in the background.

There's competition from Facebook and Instagram updates, text messages or that urgent 'Snapchat'.

But there is a solution - apart from the obvious one - of unplugging the modem or confiscating phones.

A hidden camera captures how much kids notice around them at the dinner table.
A hidden camera captures how much kids notice around them at the dinner table.

But never fear, Dolmio, makers of Italian pasta sauces, meal bases and pesto, have a secret weapon to shut down kids' wi-fi for the mealtimes.

The Pepper Hacker is back - a device which interrupts Wi-Fi connections.

And judging by some of the latest figures, it couldn't have come sooner.

The Pepper Hacker
The Pepper Hacker

There are now an average of 12 internet connected gadgets and devices in each household.

Almost 40% of parents feel like they have no way of stopping tech.

Dolmio's marketing gurus have released a very funny video to highlight the problem. (See above)

It shows children consumed by their devices at the table as paintings, sibling and even parents are replaced with others, without the kids noticing a thing.

The hidden camera experiment used an everyday looking pepper grinder kitted out with technology to help frustrated parents get their families talking instead of texting at the table.

With one twist the innocent looking pepper grinder will reroute the home Wi-Fi, shutting down access to the internet on Wi-Fi dependant technology, taking away the dinner time distractions for family members.

It will even seasoning your pasta at the same time.

Four tech obsessed families sceptical of the benefits tried the Pepper Hacker not knowing their experience would be captured.

Mars Food Australia Marketing Director, Tim Hicks said,  "We believe that shared meals with family and friends are one of the best opportunities to bring us closer together, and due to the overwhelming response to the Pepper Hacker last year, we know we are not alone.

"We're thrilled to be able to give families the chance to get their hands on the Dolmio Pepper Hacker and help them connect with their loved ones at the dinner table."

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