People divided over council bridge name change

IN THE wake of Ipswich City Council councillors being sacked and alleged corruption charges faced by former Mayor Paul Pisasale people are in two minds about whether bridges and roads named after councillors should be changed.

Ipswich City Council has confirmed there's no plans to change the names of bridges and roads in Springfield named after controversial former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale, former deputy mayor Paul Tully and former councillor David Morrison.

Mr Pisasale has been charged by the CCC and denies wrongdoing.

Mr Morrison and Mr Tully have not been charged with any offences.

Some locals want the names changed, while others think that they should stay the same.

On Facebook Jamie Barns said the names should be changed "if they have broken the law and done prison time".

Craig Myers agreed "wait for court outcomes, and if found guilty...change them".

While Nardia Bailey and Christine Skene said the names should be changed.

"Totally should be changed," Ms Skene said.

Laurie Ray said "innocent until proven guilty".

"If convicted then yes names should be removed and changed," Mr Ray said.

But Tarryn Beswick said there would be no Springfield without them.

Mike Smythe said the names should stay the same.

"Instead of spending thousands to remove memories of the past, let us spend the money to build up our present and future".

Corey Lendvai said the names told a story.

"If there were to be a placard to tell you about it in say 50 years time, would make for an interesting read in the park for those who don't know of the controversy".