Pension fight poses questions

OPINION: RIGHT or wrong, you have to feel for the thousands of war veterans and former service personnel affected by the controversy over the Defence Force's pension scheme (see page 3).

This appears to be an unusual situation, in that there is a very large group of ordinary people claiming they are being ripped off, yet nowhere at this stage does there appear to be any actual paperwork to categorically confirm or deny what they are claiming.

It seems that at best, there was an element of vagueness about what these former service personnel were signing up for when they agreed to accept a $20,000 lump sum from their pension.

The Government claims these retirees have simply misunderstood the terms of the "commutation" of their pension, yet, as Jim Nicholls points out, there seems to be a rather large number of people who have made the same misunderstanding.

If they had known they would be paying back the debt for life, I'm sure very of these people would have elected to take the $20,000.