A pedophile is back in Risdon Prison.
A pedophile is back in Risdon Prison.

Pedophile gets more jail for booze-fuelled assault

A DIAGNOSED Tasmanian pedophile and convicted rapist currently in protective custody will spend more time in jail after he bought alcohol for a teenage boy then groped his buttocks.

Just before Christmas last year, Kerry Leigh Large, 43, assaulted the teenager who he'd known since the boy was six years old.

Large was under a community protection order at the time, which stipulated he must not be in the company of children under 17.

But then in December, Large gave the 15-year-old a sound speaker for Christmas before messaging the youth, saying: "I will continue to live in Tasmania if you move in with me".

The pair met on December 22 and Large made a dinner reservation at a hotel, which they didn't attend.

At his home, Large gave the boy about six drinks including a can of Bourbon and Cola before walking to a nearby pub to buy more alcohol.

On the way, Large grabbed the boy's buttocks over the top of his jeans before buying eight cans of pre-mixed bourbon and vodka, repeating the behaviour shortly afterwards.

When they returned home, Large kissed the boy - who was intoxicated by this stage - on his mouth and neck

The following day, the boy reported the matter to police and Large was interviewed on Christmas Eve.

Large's prior convictions date back to 2001 for indecent assault and aggravated sexual assault against two young people and indecent assault in 2002 involving an eight-year-old victim.

He was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years jail for three counts of rape and indecent assault in 2007 against three victims.

Then in 2013 and 2017, he was convicted for possessing child porn.

In November last year, Large received a two-month suspended jail sentence for failing to comply with a community protection order.

He was convicted again for possessing child porn and was jailed for 15 months as of December 24 last year.

Supreme Court of Tasmania Justice Helen Wood said Large, who pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting the 15-year-old, supplying alcohol to a youth, and two counts of failing to comply with a community protection order, was a diagnosed pedophile held in protective custody.

She initially sentenced Large to two years and four months in prison with a non-parole period of 16 months.

This week, Justice Wood varied the sentence to clarify how much jail time Large will serve concurrently with previous sentences, and how much time he will serve cumulatively on top of them.