Christian Anthony Brown appeared in Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday.
Christian Anthony Brown appeared in Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday.

Pedestrian wearing high-vis struck by reversing driver

A MAN with an “exceptional driving history” has tarnished his record after reversing his car into a pedestrian.

Appearing before Ipswich Magistrates Court, Christian Anthony Brown apologised for driving into a woman, knocking her over and injuring her on January 6.

The court heard Brown, 33, was driving his Holden Commodore on Brisbane St, West Ipswich, when he reversed toward a marked off area surrounded by hazard cones.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Narelle Lowe said a woman wearing high-visibility clothing was on the road behind Brown’s car at 10.30am.

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The woman suffered abrasions and contusions to her hands, elbows and knees when she was struck by the car.

“A witness spoke to the defendant and the defendant said he saw the cones but reversed anyway,” Snr Cons Lowe said.

“She said she did not believe he was remorseful as he was laughing about it.”

The court heard police had spoken to Brown.

“He admitted he was driving the vehicle at a slow speed, he noticed the cones but didn’t see the (woman),” Snr Cons Lowe said.

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She said the woman sought financial retribution for her pain and suffering.

Brown pleaded guilty to a single charge of driving without due care and attention.

He apologised for the incident and told Magistrate Jacqueline Payne it had been accidental.

“I honestly didn’t see her and am sorry,” Brown said.

Ms Payne noted Brown’s lack of traffic history and said it was “exceptional” for his age.

“It seems to me the circumstances are most unfortunate,” Ms Payne said.

She ordered Brown undertake a six-month, $500 good behaviour bond.

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