ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson says polling shows 30% to 40% support for her on the Sunshine Coast but one Nambour shopping centre manager was less than impressed.

The One Nation leader and Queensland counterpart Steve Dickson, the former LNP Member for Buderim, were asked to leave a shopping centre midway through a press conference.

The manager told assembled journalists, Ms Hanson and Mr Dickson they had not been given permission to be at the centre.

Ms Hanson, who has been bucketed by Labor in an opinion piece today and Mr Dickson visited Nambour to introduce One Nation candidate for Nicklin Steven Ford who is hoping the retirement of Peter Wellington will give him the chance to win the seat at the next election.

Mr Wellington will not be contesting the seat so he can look after his elderly parents.

Mr Dickson was interrupted by the property manager for the centre, telling them they were on "private property".

"Sorry. This is going to make a great news story but you don't have permission to be here. We have tenants that won't appreciate that this is happening here, you were told that you didn't have permission to come," she said.

"You were told you did not have permission to be here,'' the manager told Mr Dickson, who quickly stepped back.

Mr Dickson asked the manager to jump in front of the microphones, "sorry, please jump in front of the journalists".

"We're appeasing the media," Mr Dickson said.

WATCH: The confrontation happens at the end of the video. The press conference had been going for more than 10 minutes.

The ABC reported the media had chosen the spot for the press conference to take place, not Senator Hanson or Mr Dickson.

The woman told Mr Dickson and Senator Hanson there was a town square nearby where they could conduct the conference.

Ms Hanson and Mr Dickson and the assembled media moved to a footpath.