Former Ipswich councillor Paul Tully.
Former Ipswich councillor Paul Tully.

Paul Tully could make political comeback at election

FORMER councillor Paul Tully will come to a decision this weekend as to whether he will make a political comeback at the upcoming election, 18 months after he was sacked.

Mr Tully, who was dismissed with his Ipswich City Council colleagues in August 2018, said he will sit down and discuss standing at the March 28 election with his family in the next couple of days.


He has until midday Tuesday to make up his mind and nominate.

"I haven't ruled it out," he said.

"Some days I think I really want to get back in there.

"But on the other hand I'm enjoying the time to myself. Some days I'm absolutely keyed up to want to stand and other days I think blow it.

"This weekend I'll be talking to my wife and two boys (about it)."

Mr Tully, who was first elected in 1979, said he had spent the time since his dismissal to relax after 39 years on the job.

He has spent the time with his family, putting together a book on Jack the Ripper and tending to his bees.

"I probably had, like a lot of people in politics, neglected their family time over the years," he said.

"I've had a genuine break I really hadn't had for almost four decades."

The former Division 2 representative would contest a seat for the Division 2 electorate, if he decides to run.

"I think the city has gone backwards under the administrator," he said.

"There's a lot of things that I think are wrong.

"Most of the new Division 2 comprises about 95 per cent of my old Division 2."

As a result of the Crime and Corruption Commission's Operation Windage, former Ipswich mayors Paul Pisasale and Andrew Antoniolli and former council CEO Carl Wulff were convicted of criminal charges.

The investigation, which began in October 2016, resulted in more than 80 charges being laid against individuals connected to the council.

Mr Tully said he was not aware of wrongdoing within the organisation.

"Anyone who claims that any of the other 10 councillors, including myself, must have been aware are operating under the worse case of the McCarthy era in America in the 1950s and that's guilt by association," Mr Tully said.

"The fact that none of us have been charged with anything by the CCC show they weren't able to find any sort of illegal or corrupt conduct.

"The trolls on the internet are very quick to say we were part and parcel. I haven't spoken to (Paul) Pisasale since June or July 2017 and I probably never will.

"He has caused so much hurt and so much pain for other councillors, their families and the entire city."