SAME AGAIN? Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese speaks to the media  at Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday.
SAME AGAIN? Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese speaks to the media at Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday. LUKAS COCH

Paul Murray: Labor's learnt nothing from election thumping

IT'S been two weeks since reality hit Labor in the face, yet despite the new lick of paint, it will be the same three-wheeled car at Bathurst unless they change.

However, don't expect that to come any time soon.

Despite being smashed in Queensland, they wouldn't let a Queenslander put his hand up to be leader.

Instead, the top job goes to a left-wing faction leader from inner-city Sydney because it was 'his turn'.

Despite all the talk about how they do more for women than the Liberals, Tanya Plibersek was dumped after six years of being Shorten's loyal deputy and was replaced by Richard Marles, a bloke from Victoria that no one outside the bubble has ever heard of.

He's the one who said the death of global coal markets was a 'good thing' back in February.

Penny Wong holds on, but with Kristina Keneally breathing down her neck, for how long?

Despite being a three-time election loser (NSW, Bennelong and 2019), the American born senator pushed Ed Husic, one of Labor's best, out of the shadow cabinet and knocked Don Farrell, one of Labor's toughest, to become senate deputy leader.

Keneally reviled the growing press about her being part of Shorten's inner sanctum, but she was with him on the campaign bus every day. She was in the media more than anyone else, except for the leader, and was so central to the campaign pitch that she was front and centre at almost every event.

Well, they lost big time, and yet still she fails upwards.

On her latest lunge towards power, Keneally even admitted publicly that she didn't get the job because she is the best person for the job.

On Thursday she said her appointment was about more gender equality, and that Labor knows how to lift women up.

This is patronising to women who don't need help to achieve, for those who just get on with life.

This condescending stuff might play well at the big end of town and with all her media mates, but in the real world we see this for what it is - a ruthless politician who clings to anything they think will make them stronger, then drops them like a stone when they can't help any more.

To top it all off, Albo went to Queensland for a half-day 'listening tour' where he didn't hear a thing.

Not only did he say 'No' to more coal-fired power and not go north of Brisbane, he wouldn't even say the name Adani.

Enjoy the wilderness guys.

The only way back is to drop all this rubbish and come back to the real world where you talk to people, not at them, and most importantly don't snigger behind their back like so many of you do when you think we can't see you.

Well, we saw right through you at this election, and Australia will again if you keep making the same mistakes.

Paul Murray is a broadcaster on Sky News. He can be seen Sunday to Thursday 9-11pm on FOXTEL and WIN.