Patient leaves hospital with machine still attached to arm

A MAN who left Ipswich Hospital early one morning with a machine still attached to his arm and returned him with it did not return it as he wasn't chased up by staff.

Kori Steven Walker, 46, from Ipswich pleaded guilty to a single charge of stealing in Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said at 5.30am on May 26, Kori left the hospital with a VAC (vacuum-assisted closure) machine still attached to his arm.

An hour later, staff noticed it was missing.

The portable machines are attached to wounds to constantly use low suction to keep the skin dry and aid healing.

On June 22, police attended his address and Kori told them the machine was in his bedroom.

He told police he did not get any correspondence from the hospital to return it so he didn't.

It was returned and is in perfect working order.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess noted Kori's criminal history had only started in 2017 and queried what had gone wrong.

Representing himself, Kori said his partner became addicted to ice and he had to give up his job to care for his children.

He too is dealing with a drug problem and is in the process of getting custody of his children having spent time homeless.

Ms Sturgess did not record a conviction and issued a new 12 month probation order, not regarding the offence as dishonest as Kori did not seek monetary gain for the machine and simply never got around to returning it.