WILD LANDS: You’re going to need a big mower for this grass patch – with recent rain turning a roadside into a jungle.
WILD LANDS: You’re going to need a big mower for this grass patch – with recent rain turning a roadside into a jungle.

Snake zone: Town’s overgrown footpaths left unkept

AGED CARE residents are chancing with snake bites on a simple walk to the shops, with grass in one Brisbane Valley town growing more than metre tall.

The grass on Cairnscroft Street, in Toogoolawah, has exploded into growth following recent rain, encroaching onto the footpath used by residents of the Alkira Care home to get into town.

Local retiree Judie Marschke is concerned how high the grass is getting, calling it "past ridiculous" and said it needs to be mowed as soon as possible.

"I understand the fact that there's a lot of mowing to be done. But when you see other photos of the other towns the Brisbane Valley and you see that yours is neglected - it's a little bit hard," Judie said.

She said it wasn't just the Cairnscroft footpath that was overgrown, with many areas in the township looking worse for wear.

The grass on intersections was also causing serious safety concerns for motorists.

"When you come from Mt Beppo Rd onto the Brisbane Valley Highway, the grass is that high on the corner that you've got to sneak your nose out to make sure nothing's coming," she said.

While Judie understood the recent rains have made the grass grow extremely quickly, she said this had been ongoing issue for the town.

While there had once been a slasher based at Toogoolawah that kept the town in pristine condition, she said many streets now were left too long between maintenance.

"If we had a slasher in town the whole price could be kept tidy," she said.

"Just because we're off the highway doesn't mean to say we need to be neglected."

Somerset Regional Council CEO Andrew Johnson acknowledged the recent rain had seen an explosion in growth across the region.

He said mowing in Toogoolawah occurred "usually once a month, sometimes more frequently".

"Recent rain has resulted in ideal grass growing conditions and all townships are experiencing exceptional growth," Mr Johnson said.

"As this followed a period of drought the mowing cycles need to be re-established. Council is maximising all available resources to this end."

He added the town had it's own mowing service for certain areas and was then serviced from other towns for larger jobs.

"There is a small ride-on mower based at Toogoolawah, which is used by the town steward for mowing beside paths within the shopping precinct, high profile parks such as the Toogoolawah war memorial and around high use picnic facilities," he said.

"The team responsible for mowing town approaches and parks in Toogoolawah, Esk, Coominya, Minden/Tarampa, Glamorgan Vale, Lowood and Fernvale is based at Esk and Lowood and services these towns on a cyclic basis."