NO MOVEMENT: Still tough to find a park in Top of Town precinct.
NO MOVEMENT: Still tough to find a park in Top of Town precinct. Mike Knott BUN300617CBD23

Parking problems fail to be addressed

ALTHOUGH I am bound to agree with the recent observation of David Lonne, Camira, (QT 28/7) that former mayor Paul Pisasale's accomplishments did not keep up with his publicity, the responsibility for the decay of the central part of the city cannot be laid entirely at his door.

All of the current councillors must share the blame.

As anyone who has attempted to support any of the restaurateurs in the Top of Town precinct can tell you, a parking spot cannot be found there for love or money on a Friday or Saturday night. In addition, the streets are so dimly lit that most women will not venture alone into the precinct at night.

Both parking and street lighting are the council's responsibilities. I am reliably informed that provision of additional parking in the CBD has little support among current councillors.

The divisional councillor for the CBD and current planning committee chairperson together with his predecessor as planning supremo are standing for mayor but I have not seen any plans from them to attack the dual problems of parking and street lighting which would encourage merchants in the central city to stay there.


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