Park sex attack sends tremors through community

A DISTURBING sexual assault on a woman at a popular Munno Para park has struck fear into the community and should make females reconsider walking alone, local residents say.

The unsuspecting woman was walking by herself on a path through a wetlands area near Ramsar Rd when she was assaulted about 7am on Friday.

The brazen male suspect, wearing a black mask across the lower half of his face, attacked his victim, who was struck with an unknown object and sexually assaulted.

The man then ran from the area, while the woman took herself to hospital for treatment. Police were then notified.

The crime scene at Munno Para where a woman was sexually assaulted in a wetlands area.
The crime scene at Munno Para where a woman was sexually assaulted in a wetlands area.

Mother-of-two Danielle Beverdam said the incident was a wake-up call for others who enjoyed the park.

"It's horrible, you shouldn't have to be worried about being attacked while you're out on a morning walk," she said

"He shouldn't be on the loose. (You're) disgusting, it's not on."

Local George Barnett, 64, said all women should rethink walking alone in the area.

"It's awful, I would never let a woman walk around here again on her own," he said.

The man spoke in a foreign language and in English, but with an accent. He is described as about 170cm tall with a tanned complexion and was of medium build.

He was wearing a hooded jumper and dark-coloured pants.

While the hunt for the offender continued on Saturday, detectives canvased nearby streets for CCTV footage, focused on a 90-minute window around the incident.

Ms Beverdam's partner, Gavin Tomkins, said it was clear the man "saw an opportunity" because the park is secluded.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident, saw a man matching the description, or has dashcam footage of the area, is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or online at