Paris gunman's partner captured on CCTV?

NEW CCTV footage allegedly shows the female accomplice of the Islamist militants behind the Paris shootings arriving in Istanbul from Madrid on January 2.

The Turkish press agency Anatolian reported that Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene had arrived in Istanbul on January 2, five days before the Paris attacks, and that Turkey had received no request from France to deny her access to the country.

French authorities are now looking for Boumeddiene after police killed her partner, Amedy Coulibaly, when they stormed a Jewish supermarket on Friday where he had taken several people hostage.

The French have listed Boumeddiene as armed and dangerous.

Cavusoglu told Anatolian, "There is footage (of her) at the airport. Later on, she stayed at a hotel with another person and crossed into Syria on January 8. We can tell that based on telephone records," he said.

Thus, according to Cavusoglu, Boumeddiene would have been in Turkey when the shooting at Charlie Hebdo took place on January 7, moving to Syria the following day.

Seventeen people were killed in three days of violence that began with the storming of Hebdo and culminated with a hostage-taking at a kosher supermarket on Friday when four hostages were killed.

Three gunmen were killed and there was some confusion at first about whether Boumeddiene had been present in the supermarket when police stormed it, and had escaped.