LONG WAIT: Charley Williams with father Daren and mother Belinda.
LONG WAIT: Charley Williams with father Daren and mother Belinda.

Parents would ‘sell souls’ to keep their child

NEUROSURGEONS have made it quite clear since day one that Charley is in a critical condition and he could die, a Moura father has said.

"For two weeks we have watched his ICP levels continually spike, numerous CT scans, numerous trips to theatre to replace drains, oxygen saturation dropping and blocked breathing tubes," Daren Williams said.

"It has been the hardest two weeks of our life and yet our little fighter is still here, and he will make it."

Mr Williams' 10-year-old son Charley collapsed out of nowhere on Easter Saturday. He had been enjoying a day with family and friends when he suddenly hopped off his dirt bike and began vomiting before falling completely unconscious.

Charley was taken to Moura Hospital before being transported to The Queensland Children Hospital. He remains in an induced coma suffering from a bleed deep inside the left-hand side of his brain where it is suggested that Charley has suffered from AVM "arteriovenous malformation".

Mr Williams said that he's never felt so hopeless in his life and he's never cried so much than he has the last two weeks.

Mr Williams said it was a rollercoaster of emotions unlike anything he has ever experienced while paramedics treated and transported his son.

"I remember standing on the Brisbane runway seven hours later shivering with an IGA bag full of clothes waiting for Charley to be unloaded from the plane still with his vomit on my shirt," Mr Williams said.

"We have watched three doctors working on him at a time and nurses rushing in and out while we sit in the corner with our head in our hands."

Neighbour and family friend of 10 years Michelle Davidson said her husband Warwick and son Billy, who happens to be Charley's best friend, were there when Charley collapsed.

Wasting little time, Mrs Davidson set up a GoFundMe page 'Team Charley' on April 12 in a bid to fund whatever financial assistance the Williams family may need.

"We are a small community here and they are a really loved family in the community, they're the first ones to help out," Mrs Davidson said.

"$5000 can be a great help for medical expenses and accommodation.

"If they don't need the money for medical costs they deserve one good holiday for the little boy after what they've been through.

"We feel like we are doing something behind the scenes to help them for when they get back home."

The $5000 target has been smashed, with double the figure being raise so far.

Mr Williams is completely blown away with the support he and his family have received so far.

"We have had a car/clothes/supplies delivered to us from Moura," Mr Williams said.

"We have had constant offers for help and support from friends, family Moura QFES, Moura Hospital Spotless, Queensland Cotton and the Dawson Mine.

"We really feel we do not deserve this money and truly if it took just money to fix him we would have our baby boy back.

"We would sell our souls to see him awake."