KEEPING TABS: Ipswich and District Athletic Club official and coach Vic Pascoe.
KEEPING TABS: Ipswich and District Athletic Club official and coach Vic Pascoe. David Lems

Parents take note: Timely warning to check supplements

AS someone keen to stay ahead of the game, Vic Pascoe has been highlighting the need for athletes to be careful taking supplements or drugs.

He's been sharing information about prohibited substances that can lead to an athlete being banned.

While it's important athletes and coaches check anything they are eating or drinking, Pascoe said parents also had an important role looking after their young athletes.

"Especially the parents,'' he said. "That's who I'm trying to get through to.''

Pascoe said protein bars and other energy boosters needed to be checked.

"There could be something in there that causes your young kid to be banned from the sport, and I'd hate to think that ever happens,'' the experienced coach said.

Children aged over 14 can be tested.

Level four coach Pascoe said he was required to undergo an ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority) know-ledge mini-exam to ensure he was up to date with latest information.

He recommended other coaches, athletes and their parents check out the ASADA website for the same reason.

ASADA said supplements were one of the leading causes of failed anti-doping tests in Australia.

Pascoe said a phone service allowed athletes or their parents to check what they are using and to show they are doing the right thing.

"That will tell you virtually straight away whether it's okay,'' the Ipswich coach said.

"They then get a reference number to say they've actually contacted ASADA.''

Pascoe said it was important to check medication prescribed by doctors that can't be used during competition.

"There's a whole series of things out there that they need to be aware of,'' he said. "That's why I'm putting it out there.''