Clive Palmer with the dinosaur Jeff, during the 2012 PGA at Palmer Coolum Resort.
Clive Palmer with the dinosaur Jeff, during the 2012 PGA at Palmer Coolum Resort. Richard Bruinsma

No Casino for Clive on Coast - we ain't bluffing

CLIVE Palmer has ruled out building a casino at Coolum because he does not want to contribute to the region's social ills.

The prospective member for Fairfax was at it again yesterday, peeling off memorable one-liners at a Brisbane press conference.

Mr Palmer said he was looking forward to serving as an MP because he had heard good things about the parliament's cafeteria food.

However he lamented that he would not wield any real power in the House of Representatives and said it made no difference to him whether he got up in the poll.

He questioned the impartiality of the AEC due to ex-military personnel staffing Sunshine Coast polling booths. He then likened the State Government's crackdown on outlaw bikie gangs to Nazi Germany.

He topped it off with a potshot at the media after he was asked if his business concerns would represent a conflict of interest. "That is bulls**t. It is a beat up by the press," he retorted.

Between the superlatives and vitriol, he categorically ruled out building a casino anywhere in Queensland.

Premier Campbell Newman has announced three casino licences are up for grabs in Queensland.

Mr Palmer has previously put forward plans for a high-rollers casino at his Coolum resort.

Yesterday, however, he said he would not be vying for a licence because it would create social problems.

He said gambling establishments were not panaceas for the state's financial woes, only "answers to depression for a lot of people".

"Given the state of the economy, we need to limit the damage that gambling can do to our society," he said.

He said Queensland's tourist campaigns should focus on natural attractions.