Palmer rules out joining or aligning with political parties

QUEENSLAND'S richest man and former LNP member Clive Palmer has ruled out teaming up with Katter's Australia Party to create a united political force.

The outspoken mining magnate left the LNP late last year after the party suspended him for criticising the Newman Government.

But neither suspension nor leaving the party subdued the outspoken identity.

Mr Palmer hinted at creating his own political party sparking speculation he would join up with Katter's Australia Party to take on the LNP.

But the Sunshine-Coast businessman ruled out the prospect on Monday.

"I don't wish to align with or join any political party," Mr Palmer said in a statement.

"We need all political points of view to work together to protect our democracy and values of the community.

"Australia needs to be united to face our problems and share our successes together.

"The desire to create a better future for our children should far outweigh any petty political differences."

Mr Palmer said politicians "attacking each other" was simply grand-standing for personal benefit and did little to contribute to the community.

The announcement comes after Mr Palmer stood on the steps of Parliament House in November and claimed to be looking into pioneering his own party.

A few weeks later he cast doubt over the idea, after a poll showed his party would only gain 30% support.

Last year he also floated the prospect of contesting the seat of Lilley, Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan's Brisbane-seat, but hosed that down also a few months later.