‘Painful’ video of Meghan pitching to star

A week after a video of Prince Harry talking with Disney CEO Bob Iger surfaced, a new video has been unearthed showing the royal and his wife, Meghan Markle, speaking with director Jon Favreau about voiceover work.

And it has drawn a number of critical comments on social media.

In the video, Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, were seen talking to Favreau, 53, a frequent Disney collaborator, pitching voiceover work.

"Next time anyone needs any voiceover work, we can make ourselves available," Harry said in the video obtained by the Daily Mail.

"Anything like that," the Prince said to the Lion King director. "Just not Scar. That's a no to Scar."


In the background, Beyonce held her hand over her face.
In the background, Beyonce held her hand over her face.

In the video, Markle also joked, saying, "That's really why we're here, to pitch," with a laugh.

Aside from Lion King, Favreau directed Disney's most recent iteration of The Jungle Book and recently helmed the live-action Star Wars television series The Mandalorian on Disney+. Favreau also directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and starred in several Marvel films as Happy Hogan.


“That’s really why we’re here, to pitch,” Meghan joked.
“That’s really why we’re here, to pitch,” Meghan joked.

The video of the discussion surfaced days after the Daily Mail released a video of Harry speaking to Iger about a possible collaboration.

"You know, she does voiceovers," Harry could be heard saying to Iger, 68, as the prince pointed to his wife.

"Oh really, I did not know that," Iger said.

"She's really interested," said Harry.

"We'd love to try," Iger responded.

Both conversations took place at the premiere of Lion King, which served as a partnership between Disney and the royals, raising funds for Harry's African wildlife conservation efforts.

Social media users poked fun at the moment suggesting that Beyonce was cringing.




Both videos were unearthed after it was announced that Markle signed a deal with Disney, providing voiceover work for an unknown, upcoming project.

The work was done in exchange for a donation to non-profit in Botswana.


This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission