COURT: Emma Lea Reid appeared in Roma Magistrates Court.
COURT: Emma Lea Reid appeared in Roma Magistrates Court.

Painful break-up results in woman driving on meth

A PAINFUL break-up caused a Roma woman to make a bad decision in the heat of the moment.

Emma Lea Reid, 20 fronted Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday, facing one charge of drug driving while the holder of a provisional licence and possession of a knife in a public place.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court on November 5 at 6.30pm, police were doing random breath tests on Bowen St when they intercepted Reid.

They asked if she had consumed any illicit drugs within the last two weeks, which she responded that she hadn't.

The drug test returned a positive result.

A search of her vehicle also revealed a knife under the driver's seat, which Reid stated she used for pigging.

Reid's lawyer told the court Reid had recently broken up with her partner and had moved out of his house and was living out of her car and hadn't realised it was an offence.

The lawyer said that Reid had been hanging out with people doing illicit drugs and her in emotional state, when offered she said yes.

The court heard she was intercepted by police the day after, but now has cut all ties with those people.

"If you've broken up with your boyfriend and you're not getting on top of things, get some assistance," Magistrate Saggers said.

"But that assistance doesn't involve using meth because we all know what way that goes."

Reid pleaded guilty to both charges.

Magistrate Saggers fined her $250 for the knife and $350 for the drug driving, and disqualified her for three months. Convictions weren't recorded.